9 août 2016

Because they say it’s important To have more than one string in your bow


The following packshots were done for Wildvertising with my friend Vincent Billaroch to showcase their internal packaging projects. See more on

31235631819981.5661da1ea24d6 - copie2

31235631819981.5661da1ea24d6 - copie1




The following album cover was taken, edited and designed by me for a young belgian band called Zapeur Palace. Show support :

coverpng_fondperdu_trait de coupe


The following posters and social media covers were designed during a year as Community manager and communication head of the CEICS (IHECS fraternity). My job was basically to promote our events and activities inside the university and around Brussels, On social networks as well as other media.

affiche A2 rentre declasse
Adobe Photoshop PDF
flyer recto

The following Single covers were shot by me and layed out by Bold Design for Alex Germys, a young talented producer from Belgium.

Sweet Afterglow (feat. Myah) - Single


The following visuals are variatons around a fictive exhibition by a portuguese artist. They were designed during my Erasmus in Lisbon.

Sans titre - 8

The following visuals and slides were made for different school group projects at IHECS. They do not depict the global communication campaign they belong to. The PDF vizualizer may be buggy on firefox and IE.

Wave is a branding project for a telecom prepaid phone card. We made it all up from scratch. Visual Identity, campaign, website and content.

1516M1GPUB_03_AfficheA3denti_Berkani Billaroch Crismer De Wilde Hanse Masure Nossent Poncelet Van Brussel Verhelle
1516M1GPUB_03_AfficheA3hotdog_Berkani Billaroch Crismer De Wilde Hanse Masure Nossent Poncelet Van Brussel Verhelle
1516M1GPUB_03_AfficheA3PQ_Berkani Billaroch Crismer De Wilde Hanse Masure Nossent Poncelet Van Brussel Verhelle

hot dog degradé

Pimix is a branding project for a new fictional smoothie brand. 3 packaging were made for our 3 tastes along with a website and a whole activation campaign.

Capture d’écran 2016-08-16 à 00.03.01

Direct marketing campaign for the new Renault Espace. We proposed a customized test-drive that fits our clients needs and desires.

Strategic positionning proposal for Proximus, people-driven, social and disruptive.

Facebook campaign for a fictional product of CBC we invented. The CBC Smart-Scan, an App that allows clients to get the help they need with their bank documents. An easy personalized assistant.

Photographic folder around a theme. Teamwork with Victoria Nossent.